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Jalapeno, Billy Biker

The Billy Biker Jalapeno, a larger and slightly hotter twist on the traditional jalapeno, is perfect for those who love a bit of extra heat in their salsas, pickles, and sauces.


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Billy Biker Jalapeno

The Billy Biker Jalapeno, named after the jalapeno enthusiast and TV personality Billy Hufnagle, is a standout in the world of spicy peppers. This variety brings a unique twist to the traditional jalapeno, offering a slightly higher heat level. With a Scoville Heat Unit ranging from 10,000 to 25,000, it provides a robust but not overwhelming kick, perfect for those who enjoy a bit more heat in their dishes without going overboard.

These peppers grow slightly larger than the traditional namesake, making them ideal for a range of culinary uses. They are often harvested green and used at this stage for their crisp texture and vibrant flavor. As they mature, they turn a deep red, indicating their full ripeness and bringing a richer taste profile. This versatile jalapeno is excellent for making hot salsa, pickling, or crafting your own hot sauce, adding just the right amount of heat to elevate your recipes.


In terms of cultivation, the Billy Biker Jalapeno thrives in full sun and requires a typical growing space of about 18-24 inches in height and width. They reach maturity in a medium timeframe of about 69 to 80 days. It’s recommended to sow these seeds indoors before the last frost to ensure a healthy start to their growth cycle. These peppers are notably larger than most standard jalapeno varieties, some can be at least double in size, making them particularly great for making stuffed poppers or as a bold addition to your garden.


Commonly eaten when unripe/green


10,000 – 39,999


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