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Mareko Fana

Mareko Fana pepper seeds: Ethiopian medium-heat peppers, perfect for adding a unique, flavorful kick to your garden and dishes


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Mareko Fana Pepper Seeds

Dive into the world of Ethiopian flavors with our Mareko Fana pepper seeds. These aren’t your average peppers – they’re a staple in Ethiopian cooking and bring a special touch to any dish.  When you grow Mareko Fana, you’ll watch these unique peppers turn from a lively green to a rich brown color as they mature. The fruit grow in a style similar to the Chilaca. They’re slender, about 3.25 inches long, and have a slim width. Easy on the eyes and perfect for your garden!

Heat Level

These peppers pack a medium punch on the heat scale, barely scratching 15K Scoville units – 3 to 5  so times the heat of a jalapeno. They’re just right if you love a bit of heat but don’t want your mouth on fire.  You’ll love how these peppers grow. They’re strong producers and reach maturity in about 90 days – great for both beginners and seasoned gardeners. Expect a good harvest that’ll spice up your meals.

Culinary Uses

Mareko Fana is the heart of the famous Ethiopian Berbere spice. They’re perfect for adding a flavorful kick to stews, sauces, and even your homemade spice blends. Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or just starting out, these peppers will up your cooking game.

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