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Delicious Culinary Peppers – Collection

7 of the most useful and tasty chilis in the kitchen. The collection ranges from fish pepper to ghost. Yum!


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Culinary Peppers:

This collection of culinary peppers is designed to let a wide range of top tier flavors fill your cooking needs! The bundle includes seven pepper cultivars that are selected for their usefulness in the kitchen and great flavors. Chilis range from the superhot but still versatile and tasty ghost pepper, to the mild, once almost-extinct, fish pepper. Maybe a less common but highly touted flavor sensation like the Bonda ma Jacques may become a new favorite?!

Each cultivar pack has 15-25+ seeds!

Growing Pepper Seeds:

We strongly encourage use of a heat mat or other heat source such as the top of a refrigerator. Peppers plants do not tolerate standing water or overly damp soil. As a germinating seed, humidity and moisture is needed. A greenhouse or growing setup with a humidity dome will greatly increase the rate of germination. Ohio Peppers has a collective 90% + germination rate as we only sell fresh, carefully selected seeds. Start seeds 6-12 weeks prior to the last freeze.


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