NuMex Joe E Parker

The NuMex Joe E. Parker is a versatile, mild Anaheim pepper, perfect for roasting and stuffing, with a rich flavor and impressive yields, ideal for Ohio’s summer gardens.


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NuMex Joe E. Parker

The NuMex Joe E. Parker is a popular New Mexican chili pepper prized for its tasty mild heat and thickness. These 6 to 8 inch long peppers turn from green to vibrant red when ripe. The pepper was named after the New Mexico State University student that was influential in the selective breeding that birthed it. It has  a Scoville rating between 500 to 2,500 units, making them mild yet flavorful with a rich taste.

Selected in 1990 from the New Mexico 6-4 variety, the Joe E. Parker offers improved yield and sunburn protection thanks to its dense foliage. Its thick juicy fruit walls (not sure how else to describe it!) are perfect for stuffing, roasting, grilling, and canning.

This heirloom pepper grows best in fertile, well-drained soil with temperatures between 60-80 degrees F. Seeds should be started indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Established plants need at least 6 hours of sun daily and consistent deep watering for heavy fruit production.

When firm and sized up, the chilies can be harvested by cutting from the plant to encourage continuous growth. Both the green and red peppers complement a wide range of New Mexican and Southwest cuisine. The Joe E. Parker is appreciated by gardeners and chefs alike for the plant’s vigor and the pepper’s outstanding chile flavor.




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