Black Thai

Black Thai pepper, a unique blend of mild heat and subtle sweetness. Perfect for Thai cuisine and versatile enough for any dish.


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Black Thai Pepper

So, you’ve tried the Jalapeño, dabbled with the Habanero, and maybe even ventured into Poblano territory. But have you met the Black Thai pepper? This one’s a game-changer. Unlike the usual reds and greens you see in most peppers, this one comes in a deep, almost black color when growing and eventually changes to a dark red.  It’s not just about looks, though. The flavor is something else—spicy but not too intense, with a hint of sweetness.

What’s It Good For?

Now, let’s talk about what you can do with this pepper.  This is the pepper that’ll make that dish a hit. It’s not just for Thai dishes, though. You can toss it into a stir-fry, use it to spice up a curry, or even throw it into a salad for a little kick. It’s got a unique flavor that sets it apart from your everyday Cayenne or Serrano. It’s versatile, and it adds a little something extra to whatever you’re cooking. Thai chili pepper paste and drying for flakes are two of the more popular uses for the black Thai.

How Does It Compare?

When it comes to heat, it’s spicier than a Bell pepper (but what’s not?!?). It’s got that right-in-the-middle heat, around 7500 SHU, that makes it a good fit for a variety of dishes. If you’re used to cooking with milder peppers like the Banana or Anaheim, the Black Thai can be a good step up without going overboard. And if you’re a fan of spicier peppers, you’ll appreciate the Black Thai’s unique flavor profile that adds more than just heat to your dishes.


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