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Chocolate Peppers Collection

The Chocolate peppers collection consists of 6 dark pungent peppers. Often hotter than their red counterparts Don’t be fooled by the sweet look!


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Chocolate Peppers Collection Bundle:

Chocolate Collection seed bundle offerings may look like sweet delicacies. Do not be fooled. Chocolate/brown varieties of peppers tend to have more heat than their red counterparts! This collection has a wide range of peppers with many uses.


On the mild side, the Chilaca is widely used in the dry form. When dried, it goes by the much more well known name “pasilla”, a staple of Mexican cuisine – such as mole sauce. Chocolate habanero is the most widely sought of the habanero cultivars. The extreme heat lovers are also covered with this cultivated bundle of peppers. The hottest of the hottest 7 pot pepper – and top five hottest pepper ever – the 7 Pot Douglah! The 7 Pot Douglah is nearly twice the heat of the ghost pepper! As the season progresses, out of stock items will be substituted with an equally awesome chocolate colored pepper.

Chocolate Peppers Collection:

Note: Chilaca grows green, then turns a darker red, brown when dried- known then by the more common name pasilla. A key ingredient in mole sauces and enchilada sauce. Yum!

All packs come with 20+ seeds for each variety.


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